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#2pac #mchammer (1)

See what the legendary Mc Hammer said on Instagram on 2 Pac birthday.....

"Happy Birthday PAC this year your B Day was on Fathers Day ... so appropriate since you gave Birth to generations of rappers (100) Man I'm listening to the song you told me to rap (that you wrote for me) and it continues to speak volumes .. No I didn't put it out .. My grief was too deep .. I sat outside that hospital 7 days in that Hummer I told you to drive to Vegas .. but you called me laughing at me cause you rode in the BMW .. loved playing tricks on me .. You wouldn't believe how the world and the game has changed ... it's different.... these dudes be on this thing called social media and they tell on they self (lol) Yup it's unbelievable... Anyway I put some pics of the work I'm doing that we discussed and some pics of my kids ... Love You boy (love) Oh that drink (40 ounce) with you that you insisted on,remains the last time I had a 40 .. I told you why !!!!! Now it's wine  only Later #UnconditionalLove  #2PAC"

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