Popeyes Chicken Own By Hank Aaron And Mack Wilbourn In Atlanta, GA

What Isaac Hayes III said on IG about free advertising for Popeyes Chicken by black people.


"I’ve been seeing a lot of chatter about all the FREE advertising everyone is giving to #Popeyes Chicken over this chicken sandwich and how we could spend that energy supporting BLACK BUSINESSES. Well in #Atlantajust know you are."

"#HankAaron and #MackWilbourn are two of the most successful @popeyeslouisianakitchen franchise owners in the country. So order away. Black business is what this city is built on. #WelcomeToAtlanta 
#ATL #popeyeschickensandwich#popeyeschicken#supportblackbusiness"

Support Popeyes Chicken in Atlanta, GA


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